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Knowledge and Skills Statement

Multiple genres: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking using multiple texts--genres. The student recognizes and analyzes genre-specific characteristics, structures, and purposes within and across increasingly complex traditional, contemporary, classical, and diverse texts.

The following is one example of how to assess proficiency of this student expectation (SE) or a portion of the SE. More examples coming soon.
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The Desk

In this poem the speaker gets a desk from his mother. The speaker describes the desk as a cheap piece of furniture with flimsy drawers that rattle when they open.

Read the poem to learn about how the speaker feels when the desk is placed in his room and he begins to put his things on the desk and in the drawers.

The Desk

by Donald Graves

In this poem the speaker gets a desk from his mother. The sp
  1.  Mother buys
     a cheap, wooden desk
     painted bright orange
     with two flimsy drawers
    5    that rattle
     when I pull them open.
     There are two open shelves
     on the side
     which can hold
    10    about twenty books.
     Mother says, “You can have
     this desk in your room
     if you want it.”
  2.  Before the desk came,
    15    I only slept in my room,
     made my bed,
     picked up my dirty clothes,
     and kept only my Sunday clothes
     on a hanger in the closet.
  3. 20    I sit at the desk,
     rub my hands over the surface,
     pull open the top drawer,
     and put a box of Crayolas
     and a few pencils inside.
    25    I shut the drawer
     and I like the
     sound of the thunk
     that says the desk is mine.
  4.  I stand up beside the desk
    30    and feel the silence of the empty shelves.
     I pick up the four books I own,
     run my fingers down the bindings,
     and shelve them in alphabetical order.
     Now I have a library in my room.
  5. 35    I sit down, pull open
     the next drawer,
     bigger and deeper
     than the first.
     There, I place my maps
    40    of Europe, Asia, the United States,
     and my stamp book
     with stamps from the whole world.
     Now, any place on earth is in my room.
From Baseball, Snakes, and Summer Squash by Donald Graves. Copyright © 1996 by Donald Graves. Published by Boyds Mills Press. Reprinted by permission.

The poet begins the last three stanzas with the word “I” in order to —

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Poets use meter and structural elements to emphasize, combine, or isolate certain details and/or ideas. Establishing a rhythm or flow can help the reader understand where the poet means to stress or subordinate parts of the poem. For example, the use of a line break can show how images or ideas are connected (because the thought is not finished by punctuation) but also creates a pause that allows the reader to consider the importance or impact of that single line.
the visual end of a line, which may be used to emphasize rhythm and sound, create meaning and visual effects, and substitute for punctuation
the basic rhythmic structure in verse composed of the number of stressed and unstressed syllables per line