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Knowledge and Skills Statement

Multiple genres: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking using multiple texts--literary elements. The student recognizes and analyzes literary elements within and across increasingly complex traditional, contemporary, classical, and diverse literary texts.

Observe las respuestas de los estudiantes y deles seguimiento en una lista de control. Las respuestas de los estudiantes deben incluir lo siguiente:

  • Identificación del tema básico de un texto
  • Identificación de algunos tópicos que apoyan el tema en general
  • Explicación de información de apoyo o de tópicos, y de cómo la información es evidencia para defender el tema básico de un texto (los estudiantes deben ser capaces de citar los tópicos de apoyo y explicar cómo esos tópicos conducen hacia el tema general)
  • Identificación de cómo el tema de un texto literario puede ser diferente de las ideas claves del texto. (Por ejemplo, en La telaraña de Carlota, el tema es “los buenos amigos son leales” o “los buenos amigos se apoyan mutuamente”, mientras que la idea clave es que Carlota salva la vida de Wilbur al escribir palabras en su telaraña).
Students are expected to use information taken directly from texts to justify their responses. In second grade, text evidence may look like a student pointing to the part of the text that reinforces the student’s response. It may even be students color coding, highlighting, underlining, or numbering a specific sentence in a text to support a written or oral response. It is important that students understand that their responses must be based on actual ideas presented in a reading piece and not on their personal opinions about the topic being discussed.
Themes are universal ideas presented in a text that speak to a common human experience. Themes are often focused on abstract concepts and the author’s thoughts about them. Examples of themes presented in a text include “love can make you brave,” and “friendships make difficult times easier to get through.” Students should be able to determine the implied theme that is represented by a character, group of characters, and/or event in a literary work.
a word or phrase that identifies the subject matter of a text or speech