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Knowledge and Skills Statement

Composition: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking using multiple texts--writing process. The student uses the writing process recursively to compose multiple texts that are legible and uses appropriate conventions.

The following is one example of how to assess proficiency of this student expectation (SE) or a portion of the SE. More examples coming soon.

Share with the class a variety of sentences containing incorrect pronouns (including indefinite pronoun) usage. Have students review the sentences, explain the errors, and correctly edit the mistakes.

Examples of incorrect usage might include the following:

  • All is welcome to come the dance.
  • Everything are wonderful.
  • I invited my cousin, and they accepted.

Further Explanation

This item requires students to apply their knowledge of correct pronoun usage. Students should be able to correctly edit a piece of writing to ensure appropriate pronoun agreement. This knowledge is acquired through practice and experience with appropriate use of pronouns in writing. This skill should be developed with writing in all genres.

During the editing stage of the writing process, students further improve their drafts and often prepare them for publishing by correcting errors, adding clarity, and using more precise and effective word choice. Students add, delete, or rearrange words or sentences and remove unnecessary information.
a pronoun that does not refer to any person, amount, or thing in particular (e.g., anything, something, anyone, everyone)
Students are expected to know how to correctly use pronouns to refer to or in place of nouns or noun phrases. Students are expected to review their drafts and evaluate the use of indefinite pronouns in their compositions. Students should identify indefinite pronouns that create ambiguity and replace them with more specific words or phrases. Students should learn that pronouns are useful in writing because they help make sentences smoother, clearer, and less redundant. The following sentence exemplifies the importance of pronouns in writing: “Marta and her sister are traveling to Marta and her sister's uncle's house for vacation, and “Marta and her sister's uncle are going to cook Marta, her sister's, and her uncle's favorite dinner.” The sentence is confusing because of the repetitive use of nouns. Consider the same sentence when pronouns are used to replace the nouns once they have been introduced: “Marta and her sister are traveling to their uncle’s house for vacation, and he is going to cook their favorite dinner.”
standard rules of the English language, including written mechanics such as punctuation, capitalization, spelling, paragraphing, etc. and written/oral grammar such as parts of speech, word order, subject-verb agreement, and sentence structure


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Summary: This online resource offers a comprehensive overview of the writing processes and the components involved in each. The overview includes definition of terms, examples, graphs and charts, and additional resources.