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Knowledge and Skills Statement

Response skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking using multiple texts. The student responds to an increasingly challenging variety of sources that are read, heard, or viewed.

Provide students with a short passage and ask them specific questions about the text. When they answer the question, they will have to prove how they know by citing evidence in the text.


  • Ask students to support their responses by color coding or numbering where they found the For example, if students read a short story and respond to a question, ask them to put the number next to the part of the story that helped them answer that number question.
  • Ask students to highlight a part of the text based on a key. For instance, ask them to state the main idea. They can write the main idea and highlight where in the text they found the main idea. They can support that further by highlighting supporting details in a different color.


Keep the texts short at the beginning to gradually building students’ stamina.

An appropriate response is one in which a student supports the response by identifying the part of the text that supports it, paraphrasing the part in the text that supports it, underlining or highlighting the part in the text that supports it, and/or naming the page that supports it. The difference between second grade and first grade is that by second grade, students are expected to do this independently, without adult support.
Students are expected to use information taken directly from texts to justify their responses. In second grade, text evidence may involve a student pointing to the part of the text that reinforces the student’s response. It may even be students color coding, highlighting, underlining, or numbering a specific sentence in a text to support a written or oral response. It is important that students understand that their responses must be based on actual ideas presented in a reading piece and not on their personal opinions about the topic being discussed.