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Knowledge and Skills Statement

Developing and sustaining foundational language skills: listening, speaking, discussion, and thinking -- oral language. The student develops oral language through listening, speaking, and discussion.

Use a simple skill test. Give students the following instructions and see if they can complete the actions.

  • Go to your desk, get out your pencil and red folder, and write your name on the top of the paper.
  • Stand up, turn once, and jump.
  • Put your hands on your hip and stick out your tongue.

Students must also be able to give oral instructions. In a simple skill test a teacher can ask students to do the following:

  • Tell me how to follow a classroom routine (e.g., “What are the steps that you follow when you finish your work? Can you tell me the process for getting your lunch?”).
  • How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? How do you make a bowl of cereal?
Students should be able to follow and repeat the instructions to demonstrate understanding of what the task requires. Students should also be able to provide clear, detailed oral instructions as an important part of working effectively with others to complete structured tasks.